SOFIA by Jonne Heinonen
SOFIA by Jonne Heinonen

SOFIA feat. Jesse Markin – Sorry


Emerging Finnish artist Sofia steps into the new year with the brooding, R&B-tinged single, ‘Sorry’, featuring Jesse Markin’s thoughtful verses.

Opening up on the story behind the song, Sofia explained how the idea for the track came from the “cheesiest” quote she found – “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you gonna love somebody else?” She continues, “I wrote this song while going through a breakup, just admitting that you’re through can be a pretty hard thing to do, but some things can’t be locked out and need to be experienced”. 

Jesse wrote his part as an answer to Sofia’s experience; “My aim was to capture the thoughts of one going through a breakup. The questions one might be asking, for example: does she love me for my public persona or is it just me? Why continue if the spark is missing? Am I making the right choice by leaving? What love should feel like and is our generation too hasty with these decisions? At the end the answers are something we have to figure out for ourselves”, he reveals. 

Produced and co-written by renowned Finnish producer Matti Pitkänen‘Sorry’ continues with the almost cinematic but deeply rooted in personal experience’s sound Sofia has introduced us to in her debut EP ‘Heavy’, which has seen support from key music publications including Nothing But Hope And Passion and Bands of Tomorrow and Wonky Sensitive, as well as Spotify ‘New Music Friday’Playlist in Finland. Whilst her first international debut ‘Domino’, a mix between Billie Eilish haunting ballads, Khalid’s pop-inflected R&B and Anne-Marie’s truth-telling, put Sofia on the right path to becoming the next Nordic-pop sensation.

 ‘Sorry’ is a confessional story about hope, love and vulnerability, mixing swooping live instruments, samples and synths with brooding vocals – Sofia once again is able to turn extremely personal emotions into something every listener can relate to. It’s potential like this that makes the Finnish artist one of the most exciting new talents for 2020.


SOFIA  feat. Jesse Markin
UPC: 6417698196917
ISRC: FI-TCR-20-00001
Comp.:  Matti Pitkänen / Pinja Ahonen
Lyrics: Pinja Ahonen / Jesse Markin
Arr.: Matti Pitkänen
Photo: Jonne Heinonen
Publishers:  Texicalli Records Oy / Pajatso Musiikki
Release: Jan. 10th, 2020

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