MARIA YLIPÄÄ (by Juliana Harkki)
MARIA YLIPÄÄ (by Juliana Harkki)

Maria Ylipää tarjoilee sielukkaita ja tulisia versioita argentiinalaisen tangon mestarin Astor Piazzollan rakastetuimmista sävellyksistä maamme nimekkäimpien musiikin moniottelijoiden kanssa.



This album takes focus on the vocal music of Astor Piazzolla. Most of Piazzolla’s sung compositions were born in collaboration with the poet Horacio Ferrer. Lost love, passion, oblivion and endless longing had always comprised the soul of the tango, but in his librettos Ferrer introduced the music to a host of forgotten mythical characters like the maniac, the drunk, the proletarian, the boy from the street, the angel, the soldier, the clown, and the witch. His poetry is intense, unbound, and it weaves the red thread through these songs.

The tango operita Maria de Buenos Aires, premiered in Buenos Aires in 1968, is often considered the apex of the Piazzolla-Ferrer collaboration. The piece uses the Bible as its background text, with the messianic main character Maria’s journey depicting the story of tango itself. The death of Maria in the first act is an allegory for the death of the old tango, and the resurrection in act two portrays the birth of a new tango, tango nuevo.

This music embodies an endless sense of longing. We dedicate this record to our beloved friend Jaakko Kuusisto (1974-2022), who was the heart of our ensemble and a source of inspiration to us all. On this recording, the sorrow of losing Jaakko mixes with the gratitude for the unparalleled joy and adventure of playing this music with him.


Formaatti: CD, Digi
UPC: 6417698004595
Levykoodi: TEXCD 174
JULKAISU: 08.04.2022

1. Los Pajaros Perdidos 6:56
2. Balada Para mi Muerte 4:59
3. Prelude 1 1:36
4. Chiquilin de Bachin 4:42
5. Vuelvo al Sur 8:55
6. Balada para un Loco 6:02
7. Siempre se Vuelve a Buenos Aires 3:28
8. Prelude 2 1:03
9. Libertango 8:20
10. Prelude 3 2:16
11. Yo soy Maria 3:23
12. La Partida 5:06

Music: Astor Piazzolla
Text: Mario Treja (1), Horacio Ferrer (2, 4, 6, 11), Fernando E. Solanas (5), Eladia Blázquez (7), Eduardo Parula (12)
All arrangements: Niko Kumpuvaara, Jaakko Kuusisto, Marzi Nyman, Ville Herrala ja Maria Ylipää
Spoken Finnish texts: Ilkka Villi
Performed live at G Livelab, Helsinki in November 2019.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Markku Veijonsuo, Varistoteles Studio.
Photography by Juliana Harkki

Maria Ylipää, laulu
Jaakko Kuusisto, viulu
Niko Kumpuvaara, harmonikka
Marzi Nyman, kitara
Ville Herrala, kontrabasso

Julkaisu: 08.04.2022


08.04. Kangasala (Kangasala-talo)

09.04. Turku (Logomo)

10.04. Helsinki. (Savoy-teatteri)

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